The Simpsons Episode 101 Simpsons Roasting


You will watch online for free episodes with high quality. Online episode guide, The Simpsons Episode 101 Simpsons Roasting Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire While Christmas shopping, Bart sneaks off and gets a tattoo. Marge soon discovers this and uses the family's Christmas savings to get it removed. Meanwhile, Homer discovers that he will not be getting a Christmas bonus from Mr. Burns and thus the family has no money to buy Christmas presents. He decides to keep their financial troubles a secret and gets a job as a department store Santa, but later discovers that the job does not pay enough. Desperate for a miracle, Homer and Bart go to the dog racing track on Christmas Eve in hopes of earning some money. He bets it all on a longshot named Santa's Little Helper, who loses. Santa's Little Helper's owner angrily releases the dog and Homer lets Bart keep him. Later on, Homer tries to explain that Christmas is ruined, but Bart exclaims that they have a dog and everyone happily welcomes the newest member of the Simpson family.

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