The Simpsons Season 6 Episode 16 - Bart vs. Australia


You will watch The Simpsons Season 6 Episode 16 - Bart vs. Australia online for free episodes with high quality. Online episode guide, Bart vs. Australia In order to prove Lisa wrong about the coriolis effect, Bart calls several locations in the southern hemisphere. He collect calls Australia, but the call lasts six hours and costs $900.00. After the call's recipient complains, Australia indicts Bart for fraud. The United States State Department negotiates a settlement, with Bart having to publicly apologize in Australia. There, after Bart apologizes, the parliament wishes to give him the additional punishment of a booting. Bart and Homer flee, but Bart later agrees to accept the booting anyway. Before he can be punished, he moons the Australians and the family leaves in a helicopter.

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