The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 11 English Dubbed


Watch The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 11 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 11 English dubbed Chapter Eleven, King En's servant explains to Youko and Rakushun how King En was once a the son of a king back when he was a taika. His father, and the entire kingdom was destroyed by a rival group. With his father gone.. He became the leader of the group. They found a new land to live in but war still seemed to follow them. The servant also tells them how Enki was found by his nyokai. He was brought back to the Twelve Kingdoms and raised. He discovered he was a kirin and knew he had to choose a king for En. In a rage of frustration he created a shoku and came to the land that the soon to be King En was at. They met each other and King En wanted to him to leave so he wouldn't be harmed by the battle about to begin. Enki decided that he was the one.. And saved him from death in the battle. He bowed to him and made him the king. They came back to the Twelve Kingdoms and that is how King En came to be the ruler of En.

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