The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 14 English Dubbed


Watch The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 14 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 14 English dubbed Interlude, Youko and Rakushun are shown in Rakushun's house discussing whats all happened. Rakushun goes over with Youko about how the Twelve Kingdoms have 12 rulers.. And what exactly a kirin and ruler is. Youko tells him about how she got transported here, and how shes had such a difficult time here. They go through numerous flashbacks.. And give information on all characters, including Keiki, Enki, Sugimoto, Asano, King En, King Kou, Kourin and others.. Youko tells Rakushun how her friend Asano is still missing and how she is worried about him. Youko tells Rakushun she has to go and leaves him a special bird.. This bird can "record" voices and play them back to whomever you send it too. As Rakushun is holding the bird it replays Youko's message to him.. Which states that she is so glad she met him.. How she never would have made as far as she did without him.. And how she promises to make a great kingdom.

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