The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 18 English Dubbed


Watch The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 18 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 18 English dubbed Chapter Four, Taiki continues his sherei training, but has no luck. That night Keiki apologizes to Lady Gyokuyou about not being able to help Taiki out. The next morning it is time for Keiki to leave, Taiki thanks him and Keiki says the day he chooses a ruler he will be the first one to congradulate him. Soon after the ceremony for choosing a ruler began. But Taiki could not sense the revelation from anyone. That night Youka tells Taiki that when the person is not the chosen one, to simply say "be well until the next time." The next morning Taiki sees more possibly canidates, but none seem to be it. A tall man with crimson red eyes comes to see if he has the revelation.. Taiki feels scared of his presence and requests to leave. As he is walking with Youka he sees a youma resembling a dog. The owner comes out and introduces herself as Risai. Taiki enjoys her kindness. Just then Goson appears and threatens Youka to make Taiki bow down before him so he can become king, but the tall man with the red eyes appears and knocks Goson out. He introduces himself as Lord Gyousou and that he will protect Taiki at all costs. Scared still, Taiki runs off. The next day Taiki comes back to see Risai, they end up going back to see Lord Gyousou. He aplogizes if he made Taiki scared and shows him his sugu youma. Taiki likes it alot. Later Taiki tells Risai that Gyousou's ambition was what scared him.

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