The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 19 English Dubbed


Watch The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 19 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 19 English dubbed Chapter Five, Lord Gyousou and Risai take Taiki with them on sugu hunt. They find a place to camp for the night and Taiki explains to Gyousou that he is like fire, while he brings good things, too much of it can be a bad thing. He tells Taiki that he has nothing to worry about. They find footprints at a cave and decide to go investigate Taiki senses something just as Risai gets grabbed down by something. Sanshi appears to stop Taiki from following but he slips under her and runs down the tunnel. Gyousou follows as they both reach the end. A giant youma called a toutesou appears and attacks Gyousou knocking him out. Taiki is forced to face it alone. He does the chant that Keiki taught him to tame sherei and after a well fought challenge the sherei submits to him. They return to the palace. Everyone is amazed of Taiki's power to tame the Toutetsou. The next morning Taiki goes to visit Risai to see how she's feeling. Gyousou appears and tells Taiki it is his time to leave. Taiki is sad as they say goodbye. That night Taiki overhears the nyosen talking about how they wish Gyousou was the king. Feeling bad that he didn't choose him.. Taiki goes running out into the night the find him. Sanshi and his new sherei try to stop him but Taiki finally transforms and flys past them. He arrives before Gyousou and bows to him saying to never desert his post. During this he feels it is wrong and thinks he is making a mistake. Gyousou accepts.

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