The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 20 English Dubbed


Watch The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 20 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter The Twelve Kingdoms Episode 20 English dubbed Final Chapter, The episode opens back in Japan. Sugimoto is talking to Kaname in a library. Later that night his brother, Suguru, sees Sugimoto and confirms with her about the strange things that happen around Kaname. Back to Youka's story, Gyousou is disturbed at the fact that Taiki seems dissapointed in him somehow ever since he became a king. Youka tries to re assure Taiki that Gyousou will be a good king. In Japan, Kaname is being hassled by his art teacher. Back to Youka's story, Taiki is being questioned by Gyousou. He wonders why Taiki disapproves of him. Taiki won't speak of it. As Taiki leaves the room he finds Keiki. Keiki came to congradulate him but Taiki tells him the story of how he did not recieve a revelation when he chose the king. Keiki says its best if he leaves. Taiki begins to cry. The next day Gyousou and Taiki get summoned to see Keiki. He sits in a room with King En and Enki. King En says he must show respect and bow, Taiki tries but for some reason he can't bow. Everyone thinks he is being disrespectful, Taiki keeps trying. King En gets up and pushes on Taiki's head commanding him to bow. Enki pushes King En out of the way and tells him to take it easy on him. They reveal to Taiki that it was all a test to show him that a kirin cannot bow to just anyone. They can only bow to the rightful king. Releaved.. Taiki looks up at Gyousou. Turns out Taiki's fear of Gyousou in the beginning was actually the revelation he needed to feel, he just didn't know it. Taiki is so happy that he didn't make a mistake. Now that Youka's story is over. Youko and Keiki leave to complete Youko's last stage in becoming a queen. In Japan, the art teacher that hassled Kaname has been killed in a car crash. That night Sugimoto goes to talk to Kaname, he says he doesn't know what happened to the teacher. Knowing that this is more of the "strange events" that seems to happen around him she asks him why he left the Twelve Kingdoms. He doesn't remember.. But he feels like he broke a promise and that he forgot something very important... And it can never be undone.

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