The Zeta Project Episode 13 - Absolute Zero


You will Watch The Zeta Project Episode 13 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons The Zeta Project Episode 13 Absolute Zero Zeta finds out that Dr. Selig is meeting at Cryobin, a cryogenics lab, with a scientist called Dr. Wilhelm. Zeta pretends to be Dr. Wilhelm by imitating his retinal patterns, but the real Dr. Wilhelm shows up. Dr. Selig's guards shoot at Zeta, but they miss and destroy the computer in the cryogenics room. The room is evacuated, and no one notices that Dr. Selig has been trapped in a cryogenic freeze unit. Zeta realizes that since the computer has malfunctioned, Dr. Selig will die unless Zeta helps him. Zeta controls the freeze unit to keep Dr. Selig's temperature secure until help can arrive. But Agent Bennett, realizing Zeta is in Cryobin, decides to defy the orders that Cryobin is above his clearance, and go after Zeta. Zeta is monitoring the temperature, but an explosion makes him pull away out of concern for Ro. Ro is all right, but the explosion further damaged the cryogenic unit. Zeta has to take Dr. Selig out, and use his internal heating to keep the doctor's condition stable. He saves Dr. Selig, but doesn't get a chance to talk to him. Bennett is stopped by his superiors, and Agent Lee reveals that she tipped them off. Lee believes Zeta is innocent, so she resigns from Bennett's team. Zeta and Ro escape.

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