The Zeta Project Episode 8 - Shadows


You will Watch The Zeta Project Episode 8 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons The Zeta Project Episode 8 Shadows Infiltration Unit 7 resumes its search for Zeta. It tracks Zeta to a shopping mall in Gotham City, where Ro is trying to teach him about fun through video games. IU7 adopts a hologram to look like Zeta, and approaches Ro to learn the whereabouts of the real Zeta. Ro realizes that IU7 is a fake, but can't stop him from attacking the real Zeta. In the ensuing fight, the mall is destroyed but Zeta manages to prevent anyone being hurt, except for Ro. Zeta brings Ro to the hospital, where he is told that she'll be all right, but he still feels guilty. Batman sees the destruction of the mall and believes Zeta to be responsible. He tracks Zeta to the hospital, where Zeta is seen saying goodbye to an unconscious Ro with his welding tool in hand. Batman believes that Zeta intends to kill her, and breaks in to stop him. He tries to destroy Zeta, but is stopped by Ro, who just woke up. Batman does not believe that Zeta is innocent, until IU7 breaks in. Batman helps Zeta to fight IU7, and IU7 is destroyed by a magnetic wave. Batman apologizes, and Zeta tells Ro that he doesn't want her with him because it is too dangerous. Ro refuses to leave, and tells Zeta that she is having fun.

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