Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 33 English Subbed


You will Watch Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 33 English Subbed online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Tokyo Mew Mew Season 2 Episode 7 Pudding's Fated Marriage?! While the Mew Mews are battling one of Tart's chimera animas, a young man named Yuebin Ron appears and defeats it with his bare hands. An apprentice of Pudding's father, he has come to spend a night competing with Pudding so that he can be the successor of the family's fighting style. He defeats Pudding, and tells her that she must also now become his fiancée. While talking, he accidentally knocks over Pudding's photo album and damages it. Upset, Pudding locks herself in the café where Tart attacks her. While the other girls are stuck fighting Kish and defeat his chimera anima, Yuebin rescues Pudding. Afterwards, Yuebin goes to China to continue his training so he can be strong enough to protect his future wife.

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