Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 42 English Subbed


You will Watch Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 42 English Subbed online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Tokyo Mew Mew Season 2 Episode 16 Zakuro's Dilemma: Only Four Mew Mews Now? Zakuro is offered a leading role in a movie in Hollywood, but this would require her to move to America. She has not decided whether to take the job or not, but she tells Ichigo that the girls still know nothing about saving the Earth and that she is losing patience with them. Meanwhile, Kish learns that the conditions on his planet have gotten worse and that he must hurry to find the mew aqua so he can save his people. The girls also renew their search for mew aqua, however when the aliens appear, Zakuro refuses to transform. Mew Mint is hurt while protecting Zakuro, but Zakuro does nothing. After the battle at the café, Ichigo complains to Ryou who acts indifferent. The girls decide to confront Zakuro about her behavior. Masha leads them to a church where they find Zakuro with Kish.

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