Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 120 English Subbed


Watch full Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 120 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 120 English sub streaming online. Where Are You, Cappy!. When the Ham-Hams decide what to play, Cappy wants to play hide and seek, but he speaks so quietly, no one can hear him, and they go with Panda's idea of playing dodgeball instead. While Boss is looking for the ball, Cappy asks about Boss's tunnel. Boss says that it continues forever, and no matter how far you walk, you'll have to walk even farther. Cappy is sad until Stucky shows up. They both decide to play hide and seek in the tunnel. They have a lot of fun, until an earthquake traps them!

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