Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 121 English Subbed


Watch full Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 121 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 121 English sub streaming online. Boss's Showdown. A stray cat threatens Bijou, and Hamtaro and Boss try to protect her, but Boss is afraid and cowers. However, Hamtaro and Bijou think Boss was brave and that he "lowered his head to feint the cat". Boss is upset that he was such a coward, and he runs out of the clubhouse. Hamtaro goes to find him, but Boss yells at Hamtaro, saying he wants to be left alone. Hamtaro says he wouldn't want to come near Boss. Sabu comes, and says that they shouldn't fight, but instead they should have a duel.

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