Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 167 English Subbed


Watch full Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 167 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 167 English sub streaming online. The Baby's Big AdventureLaura and Kana go to see Mr. Yoshi and Charlotte's new baby, Yamato, and the Ham-Hams go too. While Charlotte, her father, Chairman Rooster, and Laura and Kana go to get Yamato's new kimono, Chairman Rooster leaves Big the hen and the Chicky-Chickies to help Mr. Yoshi take care of Yamato. But the Ham-Hams don't like this and neither does Mr. Yoshi, so Mr. Yoshi traps the chickens outside, but then he falls asleep! Then it's up to the Ham-Hams to keep Yamato out of trouble.

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