Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 192 English Subbed


Watch full Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 192 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 192 English sub streaming online. Sparkle in Hollywood. Sparkle and her owner Glitter are moving to Hollywood. Sparkle asks the ham- boys for one of them to be her boyfriend. All the boys want to be her boyfriend, except for Hamtaro. He doesn't know what a boyfriend is. Bijou gets upset when Hamtaro is chosen to be Sparkle's boyfriend. Surprisingly, Sandy didn't get upset when Maxwell wanted to be Sparkle's boyfriend. Hamtaro and Sparkle go on a date at the Ham-Ham Fun Park before she leaves. On the date, Hamtaro falls in love with her. When he grabs her hand, she realizes she's not really in love with him. She wishes Bijou good luck with Hamtaro before she leaves.

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