Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 238 English Subbed


Watch full Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 238 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Tottoko Hamtarou Episode 238 English sub streaming online. Love Love, Valentine!. It's Valentine's Day, and Sparkle wants to give a present to Hamtaro. She goes to Sweet Paradise, and she sees Lapis and Lazuli picking seeds from a tree. Lapis says it's Lazuli's newest experiment, "suki suki" seeds. Sparkle thinks Lapis will give Hamtaro one of the seeds to make him love Lapis. Lapis gives Sparkle 3 of the seeds, and she tries to give them to Hamtaro, but she keeps losing them! Can she retrieve the seeds for Hamtaro?

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