Transformers Prime Mini Series Episode 5 Darkness Rising, Part 5


You will Watch Transformers Prime Episode 5 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Transformers Prime Episode 5 Darkness Rising, Part 5.The Autobots must stop this encounter right away. They Groundbridge into Space. The Autobots try to stop the Decepticons. But fail and the Decepticons' plan begins to unfold. Although, Optimus fights with Megatron as a distraction from the other Autobots to shut off the Spacebridge. This time the Autobots are successful, blowing up the Spacebridge. Megatron leaps for his army, until the Spacebridge explodes and supposingly Megatron dies. The Decepticons are leaderless and Starscream is interested in becoming leader. The Autobots cannot return back to Cybertron, but instead stay on Earth as they call it home.

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