Transformers Prime Season 1 Episode 5 Deus Ex Machina


You will Watch Transformers Prime Season 1 Episode 5 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Transformers Prime Season 1 Episode 5 Deus Ex Machina.The Autobots pick up Energon signals in Greece. Miko and Bulkhead go and investigate. There are massive Energon readings. But, Bulkhead sees a picture of Greek Gods...but Bulkhead sees something...Cybertronian, a Energon Harvester. Then, Breakdown (who has a history with Bulkhead) attacks them. Breakdown returns back to Decepticon Base. Meanwhile, Starscream has a meeting with Knock Out and gets him and Breakdown to help him find the Energon Harvester. Bulkhead and Miko report back to Base about the Energon Harvester, and Optimus explains that the Energon Harvester can easily harvest Energon, from anything. Raf finds the Energon Harvester and it's location is in a museum. Miko, Jack and Raf Groundbridge to the museum and try to get the Energon Harvester...

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