Ultimate Book of Spells Episode 1 - Three is a charm


You are going to Watch Ultimate Book of Spells Episode 1 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Ultimate Book of Spells Episode 1 Online Three is a charm, A mortie (non-magic person) named Verne comes to a magic school. He meets Gus, a half-elf second year junior wizard and Cassy, a third year junior witch. He also meets the evil twins: Lucretia and Borgia. He also meets the headmistress Miss Crystalgazer. He also meets a prince that has been enchanted to look like a toy frog. He also meets Ubos, a book that can talk and take them to the center of the earth where an evil wizard Zarlak is stealing magic from the outside world. He becomes good friends with Cassy and Gus! Three Is a Charm, after all!

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