Ushio and Tora Episode 12 English Dubbed


Watch full Ushio and Tora Episode 12 English Dubbed streaming online. Ushio and Tora Episode 12 English dub online for free in HD. The Road to the Touno Youkai Battle (Par After parting with the Kamaitachi siblings, Tora and Ushio head to their next destination Touno. On the way however they are attacked and separated by youkai who wish to kill Ushio. A conversation with a friendly kappa youkai reveals that the true reason is his mother and tells a story of Hakumen no Mono, a ruthless human and demon-killing youkai from China that retreated from a war with both factions long ago. Before he can finish with the truth about his mother, Ushio must flee from the attacking youkai once more. Elsewhere, Tora struggles to understand why he's changed so much when challenged by a fellow youkai past, Hitotsuki, one who is part of the group hunting Ushio.

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