Voltron Force Episode 1 - 2 New School Defenders/Defenders of Arus


You are going to Watch Voltron Force 2011 Episode 1 - 2 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Voltron Force 2011 Episode 1 - 2 Online New School Defenders. After Voltron's victory over Lotor and his army, the Lions lost control and nearly destroyed a city. Because of this, Galaxy Alliance commander, Sky Marshall Wade ordered the Lions to be dismissed from their duty as defenders and disbanded the Voltron Force. Since that day only the Galaxy Alliance has been in charge of protecting the universe while Lance, Pidge and Hunk are acting officers in the army, Princess Allura is ruling planet Arus and Keith is a fugitive from the Alliance. Daniel is a mischievous and curious student in the Galaxy Alliance air school. Defenders of Arus: Daniel and Vince meet a fellow Cadet: Allura's niece and the cadets are given their Voltcoms. As Pidge and Hunk go to rescue Keith from drifting into space, a robeast is sent to Arus and Lance and Allura must fight it without the other Lions. While they are fighting, Daniel and the others get to the Green and Yellow Lions to help fight off the robeast. Pidge and Hunk save Keith and send him into Arus' atmosphere to crash land on the planet, accidentally severing the Robeast's head. As Lotor watches in anger, Maahox explains how that robeast was from his time and those beasts are not enough to defeat the Voltron of today.

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