Voltron Force Episode 24 The Army Of One


You are going to Watch Voltron Force Episode 24 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Voltron Force Episode 24 Online The Army Of One.Maahox replicates King Lotor into a powerful army of clones who attempt to take over Planet Arus and destroy Voltron once and for all. Meanwhile, Coran has to keep the soon-to-be crowned queen, Allura busy so she won't discover her coronation surprise party. Lotor then learns Daniel has Haggarium in his body while Vince and Daniel discover they're now able to share their own powers with each other. This is discovered when the Voltron Force finds themselves battling a returning Predator Robeast, and the Boomerang Shield is not enough. Also, realizing that he serves better in the castle's defenses, Pidge hands over the Green Lion piloting duties to Vince, leaving Keith, Lance and Hunk wondering who Daniel will eventually take over for in the future.

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