Wayside Episode 14 - Louis Gets Some Class / My Fluffy Hair


You are going to Watch Wayside Episode 14 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Wayside Episode 14 Online Louis Gets Some Class: Kidswatter finds out that Louis never passed his final exam, and sends him back to class. Myron gets upset that Louis is more popular than he is. Mr.K than calls in Mr. Osteo to give Louis his final exam. Later Myron finds out that Louis did indeed graduate, as he found his real folder when he was in Mr.Kidswatter's filing cabinet. Mr.K says "Let me see this real folder." and Myron was right. Louis DID graduate. My Fluffy Hair: Fluffy feels rejected because he thinks Maurecia is paying more attention to Todd than to him, so he runs away. Mr. K. finds Fluffy and mistakes him for a wig. Fluffy decides to use this "power" to get revenge on his mortal enemy, Todd.

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