Wayside Episode 5 - Best Friendzzz / Kindergarten King


You are going to Watch Wayside Episode 5 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Wayside Episode 5 Online Best Friendzzz: Myron and Dana have been best friends for a long time but one day after a falling out occurs between them(because Todd says their friendship is great and causes them to determine who is the better friend), they decide not to be best friends anymore. So Myron becomes Shari's new best friend (although she is asleep, but uses a glass to hear what she's thinking) and Dana becomes Todd's new best friend. Meanwhile, Mr. Kidswatter tries to ease his stress with a new machine, called "The Wizomatic 3000", he bought for $19.99. At the end, Myron and Dana reconcile and become best friends again, and Todd tries Myrons brain-listening glass trick on Shari(only to find out it truly does work as he hears horses, pinball, and karate). Kindergarten King: After being sent home early on the kindergarten bus by Mrs. Jewls after answering one of her questions on No Answering The Teacher's Questions Day, Todd saves a girl's stuffed dog, and makes him their King.

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