Wayside Episode 6 - Myron vs. Normy / Age of Aquarium


You are going to Watch Wayside Episode 6 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Wayside Episode 6 Online Myron vs. Normy: In order to avoid getting in trouble, Myron pretends to be Normy, his made up twin brother. When he returns to the class, everyone thinks he is cool (and in Dana's case, sweet and cute) and they want him to class President. However, Todd(and Shari) can see right through "Normy", and Todd tries to get Myron to tell everybody it is really him. Age of Aquarium: On a Wayside field trip, instead of the kids going to the aquarium, the fish come to them. The classroom is filled with water and fish, but Todd has to sit it out in a life raft since he forgot his permission slip. Seeing this as a perfect chance to be alone with Todd, Maurecia eats her permission slip and has to sit with Todd. She spends her time trying to hold his hand, while underwater Dana tries to find something that will be interesting for Myron.

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