Wayside Episode 9 - Principles of Principals / Teacher's Parent Conference


You are going to Watch Wayside Episode 9 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Wayside Episode 9 Online Principles of Principals: Todd enters the Principal for a day contest and wins. No one else has entered it because it is a trap, as the winner has to do everything on Kidswatter's super-long list. Todd decides to complete the list, and improve the school all in one day. Teacher's Parent Conference: It's Teacher-Grading-Day, and everyone in the 30th class must submit a report card on what they think of Mrs. Jewls. Todd, on hearing about this, gave Mrs. Jewls a bad mark on her Class Room Skills so that she won't send him home on the Kindergarten bus. Now she must stay after school along with her father, Papa Jewls. He decides to send Mrs. Jewls to teach at a private school, so Dana and the other students decide to help Todd to "be a better student" so Mrs. Jewls can stay at Wayside.

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