Yin! Yang! Yo! Episode 61 - Clothes Encounters / Commander-in-Cheat


You are going to Watch Yin! Yang! Yo! Episode 61 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Yin! Yang! Yo! Episode 61 Online Clothes Encounters: Yin and Yang won't wash their clothes, and eventually the dirty laundry (which has soaked up Woo Foo powers) comes alive. All it wants is to be clean, but Smoke and Mirrors want to use it to make a 'bad problem worse than it already is' by using it as a forever friend. Commander-in-Cheat: President Muffin uses Yin and Yang's Woo Foo to make him look good on camera. He also wants to claim a chalice from a Woo Foo temple. However, Carl has his eyes on it, too.

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