Yo-Kai Watch Episode 1 English Dubbed


You will Watch Yo-Kai Watch Episode 1 English Dubbed online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream anime Yo-Kai Watch Season 1 Episode 1 Yo-Kai Are Real! / The Spooky Intersection ~ Keita is introduced into the world of the Yo-Kai by his new ghostly butler Whisper and the Yo-Kai Watch, and just in time to save his parents' marriage from the unintentional disruption of the Yo-Kai Donyorinne with her husband Honobōno. Whisper explains more of the Yo-Kai to Keita just as they find an intersection haunted by Jibanyan, a ghost of a cat hit by a car who wants to prove himself to his former owner, but Keita's kind words make Jibanyan finally believe in himself and he becomes Keita's friend.

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