Young Justice Episode 4 Drop Zone


You will Watch Young Justice Episode 4 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Young Justice Episode 104 Drop Zone.June 19: Kobra has taken over the operations in Santa Prisca where Kobra's minion Mammoth ends up defeating Bane. July 22: Despite lacking a clear leader, the gang is assigned its first mission by Batman. They later get caught in the middle of a war between Bane's gang and the Cult of the Kobra (who are assisted by Cadmus' operative Sportsmaster) over the production of the drug Venom. Aqualad agrees to be the leader until Robin is ready to take over. July 23: Batman congratulates the team on a successful mission despite a rocky start. Meanwhile, Sportsmaster gives The Light the remaining vial of the Venom/Blockbuster Formula combination. NOTE: The July 22 and July 23 dates incorrectly appeared in the episode as June 22 and August 4, respectively.

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