Young Justice Season 2 Episode 18 Intervention


You will Watch Young Justice Season 2 Episode 18 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Young Justice Episode 44 Intervention. May 30: With the help of Green Beetle, Black Beetle is able to defeat Mongul and imprison him again. They discover that the War World key has been stolen, while in Bludhaven, the Team return to base and realise that they need to turn their attention to saving Blue Beetle. June 13: Blue Beetle boosts the Reach's image by defeating Toyman in Metropolis. On his way home, he is ambushed by Batgirl and Impulse, who act as decoys while Zatanna and Rocket subdue him. Elsewhere, Miss Martian picks Lagoon Boy up from Atlantis, his leg having healed. June 14: The four heroes take Jaime back to the underground cavern in Bialya where the runaways were stored, and Zatanna sets about casting a spell to free Jaime from the Reach's control. When Green Beetle intervenes, the other Team members who were lying in wait reveal themselves and engage him in combat while the spell is complete...

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