Young Justice Season 2 Episode 7 Depths


You will Watch Young Justice Season 2 Episode 7 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Young Justice Episode 33 Depths.March 19: Artemis decides to rejoin the Team to help ensure the safe launch of one of Carol Ferris's satellites, having been asked to by Nightwing. The satellite is meant to strengthen relations between Earth and Mars, but Black Manta has sent Kaldur'ahm and his men to destroy it. Upon confronting the villains, Lagoon Boy is captured and smuggled away, while Nightwing and Artemis deal with the ground assault. They soon find themselves up against Kaldur, who fails to destroy the rocket but kills Artemis. The rocket explodes anyway, and the heroes are unable to save their fallen friend. March 20: Kaldur reports to Black Manta, who reveals that he had planted the bomb that destroyed the rocket in order to test whether his son would take credit for the victory or not. At Mount Justice, the Team mourn the death of their friend,

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