Young Samson & Goliath Episode 5 The SSX-19


Watch full Young Samson & Goliath Episode 5 online full HD online. Cartoon video Young Samson & Goliath Episode 5 online for free in HD. The SSX-19. A group of terrorists are watching over monitor about the unveiling of the newly developed Super Sonic experimental transport plane called The STX-19. Their leader have a plan to dismantle the plane and ship it out of the country. For very same purpose, they intruded the top secret military area in a Crop-Dusting plane and renders everyone unconscious by the gas, including Samson and Goliath. In order to make sure that Samson may not come in their way, they slipped Samson's gold power bracelets with imitation of lead one, and finally steals away the STX-19. Goliath come into senses and awake Samson to discover the plane stealth. On their way to find the plane, Samson and Goliath are captured by the terrorists. Samson is put behind the bars, while Goliath succeed in eluding them. Soon Goliath found the real bracelets from the leader terrorist and brings them back to Samson, and capture the gang, and bring back the STX-19 to the military. However the title slide says the SXX-19.

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