Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 69 English Dubbed


Stream anime episodes online for free, Watch Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 69 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 69 English dubbed The Power of Taboo Kaito reveals that they are in his territory, a separate dimension in which he can alter reality. Hiei attempts to attack Kaito, but Kaito simply creates an impenetrable barrier. Kaito explains that in his territory, he who says "hot" will lose their soul unless Kaito loses. As time passes, Kurama realizes that neither of them will slip and challenges Kaito to a game of taboo in which letters of the alphabet become taboo one by one over the course of the game; if a contestant says a taboo word, they will lose their soul. Kurama hides while Kaito is in the restroom, emerging when only 2 letters are left and yelling "BAAAA!" to scare him. Kaito manages not to cry out, but falls down laughing as Kurama makes faces at him, the laugh noises breaking the taboo and causing him to lose his own soul and free the others.

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